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Hi dear people, it has been quite a long time ago i wrote something down here, because WIFI isn’t the best working thing in Nepal. This morning i woke up in my hostel without any power, which happens often in Nepal, so i decided to go outside looking for a gluten free breakfast. Since i arrived Nepal i haven’t had a ‘normal’ gluten free breakfast whatsoever (most Nepalese people do not understand what gluten free means, luckely they have a lot eggs and rice over here, haha). I was tipped online to visit OR2K for some gluten free options and so i did.




Well, i can promise you guys: a huge must go if you struggle with a celiac disease or you just want to eat something 100% vegan. I’ve been here already twice today to have some breakfast and lunch and both were very tastfull with many, many gluten free options.







On the menu there’s a special page for gluten free or vegan substitutes, you just pick a dish from the average menu and they’ll replace the gluten by something gluten free such as: corn bread, buckwheat roti, spaghetti or brown rice, same as for vegans of course.

img_1137                        img_1138










For breakfast i’ve had 3 slices of delicous corn bread, topped with cucumber, tomato and poached eggs + a good cup of coffee and for lunch you just have to take a look at the picture below:


Looks pretty amazing right? Gluten free and vegan falafel, with hummus, tahin, buckwheat roti and some salad. Both of the dishes were very tasty, very healthy with a beautiful view: the Phewa Lake of Pokara with her mountains behind.

So, if you’re looking for a gluten free or vegan place to eat and relax while you’re in Pokhara you definitly have to visit OR2K, esthablished at the Center Point Building, Baidam 6 (Lakeside, Pokhara).

img_1141 img_1117 img_1135

You’ll be amazed by this place!

         img_1140 img_1141 img_1145



With love from Nepal, Namasté. 


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